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Lubrication technology

Economically and environmentally friendly

Lubrication technology is dominated by two questions: Firstly, what about the costs? And secondly, what does a resource-saving solution look like?

The right answers: minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) and central lubrication (CL). For example: MQL. We are the only company that offers single and dual-channel systems for metal processing. We also offer special solutions such as a portable unit especially developed for aircraft construction.

Our CL, including patented technologies and special solutions, allows ease of use in all engineering industries. Some special economical features include: the possibility to expand existing machines with CL and our service of pre-assembled assembly units.

Central lubrication

Extensive product range of system parts, patented technologies and customized high precision solutions for perfectly dosed lubrication of machines and systems for all branches in the machine building industry. Especially profitable: retrofitting of existing machines with automated lubrication systems and using pre-mounted assembly units.

Central Lubrication (PDF)

Minimum quantity lubrication

Technique: Introduction of an exact amount of oil to the active area of the tool – an almost dry method where heat is largely dissipated via the chips. General benefits: Approx. 50% less CO2 emissions, up to 90% decreased water consumption, up to 98% fewer oil-containing waste.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (PDF)


Service should be comprehensive, location independent, and of highest quality. That's exactly how service works at bielomatik. Including short reaction times regarding all matters around minimum quantity lubrication and central lubrication.