MQL 1-channel system: For a variety of uses

In the MQL 1-channel system an aerosol is produced thanks to the patented bielomatik multiple nozzle technology. This is fed to the tool via the aerosol line, rotary union and the spindle or the turret.

The use of the bielomatik MQL 1-channel system is in cutting processes with low to medium spindle speeds  It can even to be used where the spindle has a complex inner geometry.

Depending on the design, oils with low viscosity can be used. Typical areas of application are transfer lines with machines with turret tool.

In known processes the system can also be used for machining centers. Furthermore, this system is also suitable for retrofits.

  • Easy installation in your machine.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Integrated control system
  • Easy control of tool parameters via I/O coupling or PROFIBUS.
  • Suitable for up to approx. 16,000 rpm spindle speed.
  • Use of standard rotary unions.
  • Existing machines can be easily retro-fitted.
  • CE/MQL switchover possible.
  • Available as compact MQL 1-channel system or professional MQL 1-channel system.


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