Minimal Quantity Lubrication – the efficient alternative

Minimal Quantity Lubrication technology (MQL) in the metal cutting processes is in the position to combine the highest productivity with ecological and health benefits. The undisputable reduction alone in the consumption of coolant emulsions makes, in many respects, improve­ments in the entire metal processing sector and, of course, for man and the environment. In order to assess the benefits it is worth taking a look at the details.

The MQL principle

The main feature of MQL is the feeding of the exact metered quantity of oil directly to the tool operating area. Heat is dissipated primarily via the swarf. Other features of the machining process are:

  • “Virgin” MQL oil is always used at the machining point. This has a positive effect on the quality of the workpieces being machined.
  • This process only requires a very low power output for transporting the MQL oil.
  • The MQL vaporises virtually completely and immediately at the tool cutting edge.
  • The machining system and the work­pieces remain virtually oil-free.
  • The swarf is dry and can be recycled directly.

The complete Minimal Quantity Lubrication Technology

bielomatik offers both MQL 1-channel and MQL 2-channel systems. We know the bene­fits and application perameters of both systems and can therefore offer the best solution to meet customer requirements.

MQL 1-channel: simple to install and also convenient to retrofit. Suitable particularly where there is a need for wet and MQL machining with internal feed in each case and for medium spindle speeds.

MQL 2-channel: the right solution for cost-optimised manufacture with high throughput and high spindle speeds or for flexible manufacturing concepts with frequent tool changes.


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