All advantages at a glance

This is what MQL offers you compared to wet machining:


  • Due to the higher cutting speed, processing time is reduced.
  • Work piece are remain dry.
  • Cleaning of parts is not necessary.
  • No displacing of oil around the machine.
  • Technical resources are not required for the maintenance of the emulsion system.
  • The chips remain dry.
  • Improved surface by using clean virgin lubrication.
  • By eliminating thermo-shock stresses caused by coolant, tool life can be increased.
  • Reduced investment on new machining lines.

Quality, cost savings and environmental protection in harmony:

  • approx. 50 % less CO2 emissions
  • up to 98 % less water consumption
  • up to 90 % less oil-containing waste


MMS_SpaeneBlauDSC0033_350px (jpg)

The dry swarf after the machining process: The blue color clearly shows that the heat dissipation is performed efficiently via the swarf.


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Minimal Quantity Lubrication Systems for Metal Cutting Minimal Quantity Lubrication Systems in Metal Cutting