Cutting paper to size and wrapping

From the reel to the finished sheet, bielomatik’s subsidiary, bielomatik jagenberg, offers single source supply of comprehensive sheeting and packaging solutions. From unit machines to complete production lines, from cut sizes to folio sizes and suitable for all materials from fine paper to heavy board.

The bielomatik jagenberg modular approach to machine design insures that the technology you integrate is flexible and tuned-in to your market. Changeover times are reduced to a minimum. And depending on grade, some bielomatik high-output sheeters can process 500 metric tons of paper per day – accurately and reliably – 365 days a year.

  • Paper, board and plastic film folio sheeters for stack production.
  • Folio-size wrappers and cartonizers.
  • High performance cut-size lines from 2 to 16 pockets, wrapping lines.
  • Register-cut sheeters for security and banknote papers.
  • Rebuilds of sheeters, wrapping machines and cut-size lines.
  • Project and layout engineering.


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