P 23-02

Cut-Size Sheeting and Wrapping Machine


  • Cut-Size Production (Photocopying Paper).
  • Cut-size sheeting.
  • Cut-size wrapping.
  • Loose-leaf production.


  • Cut-size paper with size from A5-A3 (5 1/2" x 8" - 11" x 17") in reams of 10-500 or 100-1000 sheets.
  • Forms cut to register in A4/A5 size with bleed-out cut.
  • Tightly paper wrapped reams or reams in PP film.


  • Different unwind systems for any demand.
  • In-line operation with printing press possible.
  • Fibre free cutting with highest precision.
  • Optional reject gate for rejecting splices and misprints with counting correction in collecting.
  • With direct drive and register cut, size correction on every cut.
  • Fast and easy change-over of sizes on sheeter and wrapping machine.
  • Glue applicator outside of machine for easy access, no contaminations on transport.


  • Conventional knife block or synchro knife block or DD knife block depending on required output and cut-off lengths.
  • Tandem knife block for watermark paper.
  • Narrow reel stands for end reels.
  • Different collecting stations optimized for major sheet counts.
  • Reject gate.
  • Flexo ruling/printing.
  • Rotative hole punching for file holes.
  • Detecting of print marks for cut to register.
  • Special knife drum for bleed-out at 12" and 8 1/2" print length for production of true A4/A5 size.
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