P 23-15

Shrink Film Packaging Machine


  • Cut-size wrapping.
  • Loose-leaf production.
  • Wrapping of Stationery.


  • Wrapping of
    • Exercise books and folded sheets
    • Writing pads, legal pads
    • Loose leaf filler
    • Spiral and Wire-Comb books and pads


  • Low cost packaging.
  • Content can still be seen.
  • To be used in-line with production machine or as stand-alone.
  • No additional personnel with in-line production.
  • Sturdy and reliable.


  • Product feeder, when machine is exclusively used as stand-alone machine.
  • Sheet feeder for top sheet.
  • Equipment for attaching labels and for imprints (date or description).
  • Tools for prick-perforation of film.
  • Modules available for product transfer and drive connection with front machine.
  • Shrinking tunnel.
  • Double product stacks in line and/or parallel may be wrapped by special gripper arrangement.
  • Driven film roll permitting semi-automatic roll change by welding of webs.
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