P 32-02

Fully-Automatic Cut-Size Sheeter with 3 packaging Options

Comfortable change of wrapping systems supported by air-cushions between paper, clear wrap and resealable film wrapping.


  • Cut-Size Production (Photocopying Paper).
  • Cut-size sheeting.
  • Cut-size wrapping.
  • Loose-leaf production.


  • High Product quality and flexibility by compact design and servo drive technology.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Suitable for standard and sensitive papers (i. e. glossy, coated and inkjet papers).
  • Integrated flexo printing system (for logos, backgrounds and security features).
  • Finishing functions such as rotary hole punching, longitudinal and transversal micro perforations.
  • Register cutting of preprinted rolls and watermark paper.
  • Quality inspection system and sorting.
  • Different ranges for sheet count (10 - 500 sheets or 100 - 1000 sheets).
  • Different wrapping solutions in paper, clear-wrap and film wrapping with resealable flap.
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