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Voluntary and mandatory internship

It pays for all students

Voluntary or mandatory – an internship will always advance your career. Because you work hands-on, consistently, and over a longer period of time. Because you get a feeling for your future job. And because right from the start, you will make an impact and take on smaller projects independently.

Matching perfectly with your specific course of studies. We entertain close relationships with universities, e.g., we are industry partner of the mechanical engineering program of the university of Reutlingen, close partner of the university of Esslingen, and we take part in the university fairs of the universities of Reutlingen, Esslingen and Göppingen.

In short, it’s real precision work. Including out-of-the-box thinking, of course.

Internships for technical programs

Next to classical construction in the areas of plastics and lubrication technologies, you will be involved in the conduction of test series in our Technology Center Plastic Welding with Dr. Beiß.

Internships for business administration programs, business administration and industrial engineers

Involvement in various departments possible, for instance, purchasing, sales, human resources, quality management, accounting and controlling.


Mr Egerer will gladly answer them:

Mr Rolf Egerer

Head of human resources

Phone: +49-7025-12 334

Mr Rolf Egerer

Head of human resources

Phone: +49-7025-12 334