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For the practical thinker

Being a trainee can be tedious work. With us, you will experience something completely different.

Get the whole experience: it’s not only about turning, milling and welding. Take part in social projects and get involved in environment-friendly projects. Make English your second language. Master challenging situations with the guidance of a very old gentlemen (Adolph Freiherr Knigge, 1752–1796).

Professional education: as diverse as possible. Industry mechanics learn a lot about electrical engineering, electrical engineers get in touch with mechanics. Hands-on assembly training is included, of course, as is an introduction into technical drawing and the CAD system. Another add-on: Our experienced trainers are part of the examination board. What you learn with bielomatik exceeds the IHK study plan. This is the reason why we have received a quality certificate regarding our promotion of young talents:

That’s only for starters. After your training, you won’t get bored, either. Overseas installation, and close contact with customers will be your daily business - for instance, when giving trainings. The assembly for certain systems and units will be your sole responsibility. A reason to be proud! When everything is set-up, your face will be the one that customers associate with their machine. The bottom line of it: After your training, you will have the lead in many projects.

How about having a look at training opportunities right away.