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Comprehensive and needs-based

To become more efficient, one can test various providers. Or select one who has done a lot of its own testing already. One who has a lot to offer, and thus doesn’t need to prioritize specific products. But instead, focuses entirely on the customer’s needs. We are this provider.

We are the only company that develops and produces machines and equipment for all relevant plastic joining processes.

So much for the topic of high-tech. At our company, however, this expertise is joined by two more “components”: heart, and a human touch. The latter means: We produce to such a high degree of customization, and quality, that certain production steps demand manual work. And “heart” means that we address all requests with a high level of commitment: No matter whether it’s process-neutral consultation, special products, or our services.

For more than 70 years, we at bielomatik have been helping our customers achieve truly efficient production, at each of their locations. High-tech with heart and an human touch pays off for every customer, around the globe.