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For economical lubrication

Saving resources, reducing the energy footprint, reducing costs: all relevant topics for our customers, and therefore relevant ingredients of our consulting.

To achieve these goals for our customers we do more than just point out strategies for more efficiency. Our commitment has a much wider scope. For example, sometimes we function as networker, coordinating all parties involved – from tool producer up to mechanical engineer and oil manufacturer, no matter if it’s about minimal quantity lubrication or central lubrication.

Benefits of central lubrication

  • Consulting
  • Design according to customer requirements
  • Preparation of offers

Central Lubrication Consulting Team

Mr Juergen Keppler

Field Service International

Phone: +49-7025-12 517
Fax: +49-7025-12 556

Mr Hans-Peter Euchner

Field Service Germany South

Phone: +49 7025-12 514
Fax: +49-7025-12 556

Benefits of minimal quantity lubrication

  • Consulting and design
  • Support with integration of MQL in spindle and machine control
  • Alignment with customer specifications
  • Development of tailor-made solutions
  • Preparation of offers

minimal quantity lubrication Consulting Team

Mr Luca DiLieto

Key Account Europe and Aerospace

Phone: +49 7025-12 586
Fax: +49-7025-12 556


Mr Mesut Coskun

Key Account Asia

Phone: +49 7025-12 321
Fax: +49-7025-12 556


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