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Declaration of consent

By approving the declaration of consent, you agree to the sending of a Newsletter by bielomatik GmbH, 4 times per year.

Revocation of consent

You can revoke this consent at any time. You can object in writing to bielomatik GmbH via the contact details stated in the Legal Notice, or by clicking “Cancel” in the e-mail itself.

Voluntary nature of the consent

Refusal of consent shall have no detrimental effect on the business relationship.

Collection and use of data

E-mail address, name and title are collected, in order to enable sending of the Newsletter to you and the correct form of address in the Newsletter. bielomatik GmbH uses this data solely for the purpose of sending you the Newsletter.

Forwarding of data

Your personal data will only be forwarded to third parties if this is necessary for realization of the Newsletter, subject to compliance with chapter 28 DSGVO on order data processing.

Double opt-in process

The Newsletter will only be sent if the e-mail address entered by you has been verified via the double opt-in process. For this, you will first be sent an e-mail confirmation with a link. Sending of the Newsletter will only begin after you have clicked this link.

Deletion of the Newsletter data

All personal data collected for the Newsletter will be deleted if the user revokes their consent. The data you enter can also be altered or deleted by you at any time via a link.


Registration for the Newsletter will be logged for the purpose of keeping evidence of consent. Logs will be deleted when evidence of consent is no longer legally required.