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Press releases

Presenting news and an overview

Covering the most recent symposium, as well as the oncoming seminar, telling about proven partnerships and latest developments: Know more about the difference we make, and the things that we’re not indifferent about. 

Press releases

Manufacturing: For race cars from Stuttgart.

Automobile? We’re hardly beginners in this area, counting the decades of experience. But: We, too, never stop learning! That became obvious during our work for the Rennteam of the University of Stuttgart. Our mission: Working on the wheel axles of their racing car, as well as on forms for carbon parts. It was a challenging project indeed, and the final success was truly earned.

bielomatik review: Trade fair follow-up Automotive World.

More international visitors and exhibitors – that’s what the organizers expected in 2016 for 2017. bielomatik found that the forecast had been correct. A tour booth, of course. Thanks to our colleagues from bielo Japan, we also felt like visitors having received a very heartfelt welcome. All in all, ideal conditions for a successful trade fair.

World premier: Laser-based infrared welding!

First, a huge praise to our developers. With LasIR, written in full: laser-based infrared welding, they hit bullseye. We’re talking about a technique that opens up a host of new production possibilities for our customers.LasIR combines the well-known, robust technique of two-stage infrared welding with the quasi-simultaneous laser welding method.

Technologically feasible. Economically viable: bielomatik

system engineering for the welding of SCR-containers.

Removing nitrogen oxide emissions from Diesel exhaust gases – an absolute must for vehicle manufacturers. It’s the only way to make sure meeting future European and American emission regulations for commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and passenger cars. All this is achieved with the Selective-Catalytic-Reduction-Method (SCR). bielomatik makes a significant contribution towards that.

A Swabian success story in Baden

bielomatik is expanding service availability at BurdaDruck: almost all of Burda's printers now work with lubricating systems produced by the Swabian company. The most recent success involved the replacement of two older competitor lubricating systems in Plant 1 in Offenburg with a custom-designed six-circuit lubricating system, which bielomatik developed and installed together with BurdaDruck as part of a retrofit project. 

MLU: Unique, and only from us!

The Mobile Lubrication Unit (MLU): an innovation we designed especially for sandwich-materials in aircraft construction. At the AMB, the mobile lubrication unit will be presented to an expert audience for the first time. Truly unique: specific adjustment to different material demands via time-controlled on or off switching of the MQL process.