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Automated Lubrication: Retrofit Pilot Project in a German Quarry

The Stone Age has a Future.

The Stone Age has a Future – with this slogan, the quarry company SVA on the Swabian Alb is promoting an industry that is currently booming – not simply because there are so many ongoing road construction projects in Germany. For the project to run smoothly, it relies on its production equipment alway being operational, and in turn on its automated lubrication. Bielomatiks´s retrofit pilot project demonstrates how all this works.

Bielomatik unveils two welding technologies

Lasers and hot nitrogen are the forces behind two new welding technologies from Bielomatik.

The company has introduced the leadoff model of a planned series called Turn2Weld, as well as a company first — a nitrogen-gas system dubbed Hot Gas. The Turn2Weld K3722/Bielomatik Inc. Designed for bonding small, temperature-sensitive parts that require clean welds and hermetic seals, Turn2Weld combines the advantages of quasi-simultaneous laser welding with infrared (IR) welding. Unlike traditional laser welding systems, which can only join laser-absorbent materials to laser-transparent parts, Turn2Weld can weld laser-absorbent parts together.