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Combines the benefits of focused laser energy input and proven 2-stage infrared welding.


Your benefits

  • Innovative, particle-free welding process via contact-less heating through laser radiation with high weld strength
  • The first plastic welding process in which the entire heating phase is monitored inline for each joint partner, via infrared camera
  • The new 2-step laser welding process is based on the technology LasIR Turn2Weld, which combines the advantages of quasi-simultaneous laser welding with those of 2-step infrared welding.
  • Tool exchange for different welded parts without changing the heat source. Advantages: extremely quick change over time and one heating source only for various welding projects
  • Inside the separate processes of heating and joining, the joining surfaces are heated flexibly with high scanning speed before they are pressure-welded.
  • Laser-transparent plastics, special component design and different absorption properties of plastics aren’t an issue anymore.
  • Component alterations and parts tolerances are easily adjustable.
  • Housings and special component geometries, up to now unachievable with laser, now are possible with LasIR Turn2Weld.


Automotive industry / home appliance and white goods industry / sanitation and installation technology / electrical engineering / electronics / medical and pharma technology


  • Current version with one laser per component half; can be upgraded to two, for larger parts and more complex weld zones
  • With one laser per component, welding rib lengths of approx. 600–1700 mm can be welded (greatly depending on the material)


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