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Infrared welding

Joints of the molded parts to be welded are heated contact-free by infrared radiation from short-wave or medium-wave radiators, then welded in a pressure- or path-dependent process.

Functional principle: infrared-3D-glastube-welding


Your benefits

  • Alternative, particle-free welding process for plastics
  • Discrete heating and joining, with the following phases: non-contact heating / changeover / joining and cooling
  • The radiator outputs can be quickly and steplessly adjusted via the machine’s control system. This enables material-friendly heating


Automotive industry / home appliance and white goods industry / sanitation and installation technology / electrical engineering / electronics / medical technology / sports equipment

Infrared welding with glass tube radiator

3-D contour radiators, panel radiators or pin-base lamps that emit light of a short wavelength (λ = 1-2 µm) are used.

Infrared welding with metal foil radiator

Metal foils embedded in ceramics, which can also feature a 3-D contour and that emit light of a medium wavelength (λ = 3-4 µm) are used.


The renowned bielomatik range of motorized machines is available:

  • Modularly designed standard series – available in several types, sizes and level of automation
  • Modular special equipment tailored to customer requirements
  • Infrared welding can be subsequently integrated in existing, servomotor-driven welding machines that use heating elements


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